Welcome to El Camino Dental

Your concern is our top priority. From simple cleanings to complex multiple teeth replacement, we guarantee you will receive individualized and personalized attention. We will make every reasonable attempt to address your concern. We care not only for your oral health but primarily for you as an individual and we will not be satisfied until your concerns are met.

Our treatment philosophy


We focus on conservative and quality care, restoring teeth whenever it is appropriate and possible rather than aggressively removing teeth. We strive to help you maintain and keep your teeth for as long as possible through preventive & restorative measures, for we believe that no artificial teeth on this earth are better than your own natural teeth.

What sets us apart


Our entire team is dedicated to serve our patients by providing information to help you make more informed decisions about your health needs.  We use the latest techniques and instruments, including a flat screen TV monitor great for intra-oral visualizations, demonstrations, and a great aide for kids! Our office is fully equipped and welcome to all patients of any age (4yrs of age or older).