Dentures may be an excellent option when restoring multiple missing teeth in one or more area. These customized prostheses are made of acrylic tissue-colored base with natural colored porcelain teeth in place of the missing dentition. Denture fabrication often takes a series of visits to customize the fit of the denture and ensure that all the denture meets all optimal support, stability, and retentive purposes.

Immediate Dentures:

Also knows as transitional dentures, these dentures are best for replacement of anterior teeth upon extraction to maintain optimal aesthetics. The purpose of these dentures is primarily to offer aesthetics but offer poor chewing abilities or comfort, and thus often need to be replaced by a permanent RPD, CD, or implant retained denture.

Removable Partial Dentures (RPD):

Used to replace a few missing teeth when the remaining natural teeth are in good health. Removable partial dentures (RPD’s) provide optimal aesthetics and are often more retentive than complete or transitional dentures. Designs of RPD’s vary widely to provide a custom fit.

Left image: Missing upper anterior teeth are replaced by denture teeth attached to an RPD.

Left image: Missing lower posterior teeth are replaced by denture teeth attached to an RPD.

Complete Dentures (CD):

When all natural teeth are missing from an arch, complete dentures are used to provide a complete set of new, artificial teeth. These dentures are also removable.

Implant Retained Dentures:

To replace all missing teeth, complete dentures with implants are considered the most optimal restorative treatment of choice. However, considerations for healthy bone levels and sufficient space for a good prognosis of implants are crucial.

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